February 24, 2023 Engie urges Europe to boost local energy supply chains, Financial Times

February 22, 2023 Berlin lays out plan to bring back solar, wind industry on German soil, Euractiv

February 19, 2023 China is trying to strangle the world’s solar panel industry, Spectator

February 13, 2023 US Inflation Reduction Act should prioritise solar cells like semiconductor chips, PVTech

January 30, 2023 EU plans to relax curbs on tax credits in response to ‘toxic’ US subsidies, Financial Times

January 17, 2023 The road to net-zero will be the greatest transformation of our times, Ursula von der Leyen, World Economic Forum

January 14, 2023 We are entering a new industrial age of clean energy technology manufacturing, Fatih Birol, Executive director International Energy Agency

January 13, 2023 EU seeks to ease state aid rules to counter US green subsidy threat, Financial Times

January 11, 2023 Key Stakeholders in the PV Industry Call for Measures to Re-establish Upstream Solar Manufacturing Value Chain in Europe, Fraunhofer ISE

January 10, 2023 EU industry boss hawks Clean Tech Act to hit back against America’s green subsidies, Politico

December 5, 2022 REC scraps plan to build 4 GW solar module factory in France, PV Magazine

December 9, 2022: Commissioner Thierry Breton launched the European Solar PV Industry Alliance. It’s a new formal structure to co-ordinate the European solar value chain & direct existing funding to scale up solar manufacturing. SolarPower Europe joins EIT InnoEnergy and European Solar Manufacturing Council (ESMC) in the secretariat of the Alliance.

December 4, 2022: President Ursula von der Leyen gave a speech in Bruges on the impact of the Inflation Reduction Act “Competition between Europe and the United States can push both our industries to excel, to innovate, and to transform faster… But: this competition must respect a level-playing field… We have to adjust our own [subsidy] rules to make it easier for public investments to power the transition.” Read the full speech here: https://lnkd.in/e3N3FMEA

November 30, 2022: European Industry Ministers got around the table with renewable manufacturing CEOs & Commissioner Thierry Breton, to set up the Clean Tech Europe Forum. It’s a new way for European Ministers to prioritise conversations about supporting the solar manufacturing industry. Read Nikolaus Johann Kurmayer‘s write up here: https://lnkd.in/e7eTKJUv

November 14, 2022, The role of solar in the Inflation Reduction Act, PV Magazine